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African Sky

As the sun sets in Africa this snapshot of life has been captured through the beauty of which is Living Glaze. Deep red glazes dance on the surface with hues of orange and yellow to create the breathtaking skies and setting sun. In 2009 new forms were introduced to the African Sky Collection. Whether you choose a plaque or vase for the canvas, one thing is for certain; the Poole Pottery artisans capture a truly breathtaking picture and scene which would grace any home or interior.

Poole giftware has been created using Living Glaze. This involves the application of different glazes which react with one another to achieve the unique results you see on each piece. Fine surface cracking is a natural result of the process and this antiqued effect will continue to develop within your home as the piece matures. Should you listen carefully, you can hear the glaze continuing to move against the clay.
Each piece of Poole is uniquely hand crafted. Hand decorated by a team of skilled artists a freehand interpretation of each design is produced and will vary with each stroke of colour.

The images shown are for illustration purposes only and the piece you receive will be unique.
  Click To Enlarge Design Shape Description RRP Our Price Saving In Stock  
901220200 Poole Pottery
African Sky
10cm Venetian Miniature Vase
£29.50 £22.13 (25% off) Yes
901220400 Poole Pottery
African Sky
10cm Ginger Miniature Vase
£29.50 £22.13 (25% off) Yes
901220000 Poole Pottery
African Sky
10cm Manhattan Miniature Vase
£29.50 £22.13 (25% off) Yes
601010011 Poole Pottery
African Sky
10cm Metropolitan Vase
£29.50 £22.13 (25% off) Yes